DeCrypto 2K21
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How to play?

  • Sign up using the link provided.
  • A confirmation link will be sent to your mail. Use it to login.
  • Dive into the "Playground"
  • Put on your reading glasses and search for answers.
  • Remember, Google is your friend.
  • Not that good with Google? Just ping us on instagram and Voila! Clues...
  • Thrust yourself beyond your friends and be the crown holder.
  • Cheers.


Linux Campus Club (LCC) is an organization under the department of Computer Science JSSSTU, Mysore. Its primary goal is fostering the use of free and open source software among the students.

Part of FOSS BYTE 2021

For other exciting events, visit our webpage @ LCC-JSSSTU or through facebook or follow us on instagram @linuxcampusclub