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Demystifying Cloud

“I think this is a brilliant idea, we can make millions of dollars if we succeed in this!” Richard said to his team. He wanted to build an office which provides consultancy to people in business. First step is to set up the infrastructure. Remember, everything here is an analogy to cloud.

First, he will go to the silicon valley of India in search of an office place. He neither has any idea of what is required and how to construct the office place nor the money to afford it. Luckily he stumbles upon a poster saying “building for rent, 24*7 water and electricity, contact agency X". The hurdle is over, now he can rent someone else’s building and set up his office in the building, which has well connected roads and all the facilities he requires.

His business is doing well. One day something unfortunate happened and this made Richard to close his office for a day. He got complaints from clients and had to undergo loss. This made Richard think what if he set up the office in multiple places in the region for high availability. So he contacted agency X, rented buildings and set up offices in multiple places.

With all the new offices Richard set up, his business is booming, he has clients from all over the world now. The clients complain that they have to travel from far places to India. So Richard contacted agency X and rented buildings in other places of the world and set up the offices.

The analogy I was referring to is :

Now you know it, read it once again if needed!

So yes Richard was right, his idea was a grand success. He did all of this with the help of agent X (AWS, GCP..). Imagine if he had bought all the buildings( Computers/ Servers ) and then his idea did not work out, he would have to sell all those resources (maybe for less money). So this is just an introduction to what Cloud in the IT world is. This was one use case, cloud is used in many ways!