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Best tools for programmers

Some of you may think these tools are nothing but to be honest, if every programmer knows how to use these properly then, they can accomplish a lot in their day to day work.


1. Text Editor: Visual Studio Code

Let’s start with the tools that improve the way we work with code. VS code is by far the best text editor that sets up a comfortable environment and speeds up the routine processes, letting us concentrate on really important tasks. It has a bunch of extensions which helps in improving our efficiency and productivity in programming.

2. Task Management: Trello

If you have a list of your tasks right in front of you then you will never waste time on thinking what to do next. Trello is a powerful collaboration system which is more than just a task board. It is considered as one of the best tools for developers not only because it provides standard task management functionality (like creating your own lists and prioritizing feature development) but also because it encourages teamwork & cooperation.

3. Communication: Discord

Discord is definitely considered as one of the best communication tool for developers. That’s the place where you can ask others for an advice, discuss project details and even have fun.

4. Time Management: Toggl Time Tracking

Time tracking apps like Toggl, which is free, can help you analyse and gain insight into where you’re spending your time and adjust accordingly. Toggl specifically integrates with tools you’re likely already using, such as GitHub, Trello, and Jira. The best part? There’s no learning curve. Just set up your account and start tracking.

5. Version Control System: Git & GitHub

A good knowledge of any source control repository is mandatory for any programmer or software developer because you need to do check-in, check-out of code every day. In today’s world, Git and GitHub have become synonymous with source control repository and version control tool. This is the single most important tool for a programmer now and that’s why I suggest every programmer to learn Git and GitHub well.

6. Note Taking App: Notion

Everyone would have thought of taking notes in pc or mobile but organising the notes and structuring the folders would be difficult. So, Notion which is an all-in-one workspace comes to rescue us. It’s not only good for note taking but also a great tool for task managements and teamwork. It replaces many other apps like Evernote, Confluence, asana, Google docs etc.

7. Get your Answers: Stack overflow

Every programmer faces bugs, spends lot of time in debugging their code and gets frustrated. Ever thought that the bug you are facing was once faced by someone else in the world and has found out the solution for that? Stack Overflow is an open community for anyone that codes and it helps you to get answers to your toughest coding questions.